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About Spectrum Wellness

When seeking out healing, it is so important to feel safe. Walking into a new environment to confront pain from the past can be intimidating, scary, or overwhelming. At Spectrum Wellness Center, all people are welcomed with respect to their story, identity, and trauma. We have all experienced pain, trauma, and deep fear. Some people have this born with them, some accumulate it throughout their lives, but everyone at some point needs to be held, and assured that everything will be okay. Cultivating a safe environment to facilitate healing is exactly what Spectrum Wellness is about.

In August 2017, Spectrum Wellness Center began with Sonja pursuing their dream of creating a positive, encouraging space for healing and personal growth. They saw a need for inclusive healing spaces that honored each person who entered the space and respected them without preconceived judgement. Spectrum Wellness Center was created as a place to serve all people with the best care possible and be a safe healing environment. Sonja is passionate about working on the root of an injury or body response to trauma and takes pride in their practice and what it has become.


“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.”

Yoko ono

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Services Offered

Spectrum Wellness currently offers sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Sessions are customized to your daily and present needs as well as centered around goals that you are looking to achieve. Sessions include Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Guided Breathing and Meditative techniques. Learn more under the Services tab.


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