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Benefits and What to Expect

Massage Therapy

A good massage is almost like an oil change, or cleaning out paint brushes. You don’t want to let your body sit too long without working out the kinks that life is constantly throwing at you. Massage done skillfully can encourage many things, including improved circulation, lower blood pressure, and increased mobility. Massage sessions at Spectrum Wellness Center are focused on the big picture of wellness, and address concerns with the body, mind, and spirit through massage, meditation, and Reiki.



What is Reiki? That’s the question on most people’s minds when it’s brought up. Reiki means, “Universal healing energy” in Japanese. Reiki is not performed, it is channeled, meaning it flows from the energy of the universe arounds us, through the practitioner, and into the receiver. Reiki can feel very relaxing, soothing, warm, sometimes cold or tingly, and may induce emotional processing. It is normal to feel Reiki continue to work on you after the session has ended.


Skin Care

Your skin is your largest organ, and it is so beneficial to keep that organ healthy! Facials are a wonderful self-care routine that is calming, nurturing, and cleansing. Our face can reflect internal imbalance and help guide us to making changes that support us better internally. Caring for your skin is caring for your immune system and internal organs. Don’t write it off as an act of vanity! Your largest organ needs love too.


“A beautiful experience every time.”

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Sonja’s work made me feel a sense of peace of mind. I left feeling loved and relaxed. The experience felt extremely personal. I liked that I got to pick between aromas, and that Sonja used my name when they were talking to me.
— Katie
Excellent with bodies who have experienced physical and emotional trauma. They provide beautiful reiki work and are deeply knowledgeable about their practice. I try to see Sonja as often as I can. It’s a beautiful experience every time.
— Jesse
Sonja is MAGICAL. I had never experienced professional massage before Sonja. My introverted, socially anxious self had some hesitancy going in. No matter. They made me feel comfortable and immediately relaxed.

I told them about the pain I had been feeling, both physically and mentally. They took that into consideration and designed their own healing plan for me.

I left Sonja’s office feeling like I was in a magical trance. I’ve not felt that relaxed and calm in ages. I’ll be a regular client from now on.
— Brandon
Sonja provides consistently excellent care, and their awareness of trauma and how it lives in the body has made me more comfortable than any massage or bodywork experience I’ve had. Would highly recommend!
— Mariah
Sonja not only magically heals the body, but also the soul! Absolutely wonderful work!
— Ethan
My experience with Sonja was AMAZING. They offer a calming environment, and they really listen to and cater to your individual needs and comfort levels. Absolutely the best massage experience I’ve ever had!
— Rose
Every aspect of my experience with Sonja was lovely. They listened thoughtfully to my explanation for coming in, they showed utter respect for my body (including asking if I had any traumatized areas I didn’t want touched), they eased points of tension, and they even let me pick the essential oil for the diffuser. I left my appointment feeling healed in all senses of the word. Sonja is an angel on earth! PS: Hot stones between the toes were an unexpected bonus to the stone treatment!!
— Katharine
Sonja is a kind, skilled, empathetic and overall amazing human being. Sessions with them are always a joy, and I feel much better afterwards.
— Rhys

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